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Robert Louder
Realtor® at Louder Realty Group
Tucker, GA
License #: 375115 - GA / Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Partners
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MARKET CENTER Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Partners

About Rob

Robert Louder was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. but grew up in Central Islip on Long Island N.Y. He has been married to Allison Louder who is a business owner, homemaker, and all around wonder woman for over 10 years. They have 1 child together and he has one child from a previous marriage to make up their loving blended family. He has been living in Atlanta for over 20 years. Robert’s career journey began at Johnson & Wales University where he graduated before he realized he loved helping people. His path led him to the New York State Police where he was a Trooper who taught in-service training and eventually earned his place on the Governor’s protection detail and then in private security for the entertainment industry. He then relocated to Atlanta where he was introduced to technology and saw an opportunity to help people through technical support training before being drawn to a life in real estate. His passion is to provide each client with the finest real estate service in Atlanta has only improved since forming Louder Realty Group. They value client care by educating and communicating with the client from the beginning of the process until the end ensuring that both home-buyer and home-seller will be a lifelong client and friend because their interest is always placed first.

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My Preferred Vendors
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Robert Louder
License #: 375115
Louder Realty Group

Mobile +17707109341
Office +16782521900
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Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Partners
1957 Lakeside Pkwy Ste. 520 Tucker, GA 30084

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